ForceParty is a LAN party I volunteer for. ForceParty exists since 2003 and had 25 events so far. My focus inside ForceParty laid on the website and the intranet version of it.

ForceParty is one of the larger organizations in the Nijmegen area. For over 10 years we have been active in organizing computer events for all ages. The focal points during the events are gaming on the internet and through our own local network. ForceParty is known for its positive and friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to make our event as accessible as possible for people who have never been to a LAN-party before. This way they will be able to get familiar with these events in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. And whenever necessary with the proper guidance of our skilled crew. The average age of our visitors is between 14 and 30 years.

For ForceParty my biggest goal was to make and manage the website and the intranet version of this. Since the beginning of 2013 I worked on a new version of this website, completely created from scratch, together with Thijs Cramer. Since event #24 we used this new website as intranet site.

The old version of the website, who is still running as main website on, is using an old version of the Kohana Framework, version 2. I created this website between 2011 and 2012. Because the code was messy and the functionalities and design were limited we decided to create a new website in 2013. Together with Thijs we started to work on this version.

For the new website we decided to use the newest Kohana Framework, version 3.3. This framework provides a really useful ORM (Object-Relational-Mapper) module, making is possible to work with the MySQL database in an abstract way. It takes away the need to write SQL statements but instead let you use the database as objects. The new website is besides a lot cleaner full of cool features. For example the new floor plan system supports multiple places for one user. The website also supports team (clan) competition enrollments and the competition tournament system supports all kinds of game types and shows the schedules in a clear cool way.

On February 15, 2014 ForceParty announced to stop organizing events because of private shifted priorities of it's volunteers.

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