By Leon van der Veen on Saturday February 1, 2014 5:11 pm

A new feature on my website: projects. From now on I will write about projects I am working on. My public GitHub projects are automatically listed as well. Also the music I listen to is now listed on the website. And last but not least, I added (social) media links in my footer.

From today, well, actually yesterday, my projects are listed on my website. This include all my public GitHub repositories. A few projects are listed on the homepage, a few are listed on the about page, but all projects can be found on the projects page (in the top menu). Most projects need a lot more description, I will work on this soon.

Another cool new feature on my website are the blocks on my website. I often listen music with Spotify, and Spotify has a cool feature: scrobble to This way all my music I listen to is logged on And this makes it possible again to place this information on my website :). I added two different blocks on my website: top 5 artists in the last 3 months and last 5 songs I listened too (possibility including the song I am playing at that moment).

The last little change to the website is findable in the footer. I added icons for different (social) media, including:, LinkedIn, GitHub and Facebook.



 Last 5 songs I played (