By Leon van der Veen on Thursday January 30, 2014 7:47 pm

Hello World Wide Web! Nice to finally have a blog for the whole world to see. As a software developer I will probably mostly write about this stuff, so be warned. I will give a short summery about who I am.

I am Leon, a Computer Science student at HAN: University of Applied Sciences (HAN) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I used to study Computer Science at the Radboud University (RU), but after four years of being halfly motivated I decided to switch schools. Even though the HAN is a lot easier, I learn more practical things at the HAN than at the RU. The classes at the RU were very theoretical, which doesn't work for this practical guy.

I started programming long before I started studying Computer Science. I started programming when I was 14 years old. Started with ".vbs" scripts and Visual Basic and quickly decided that web development was more my thing. It didn't take long until I started learning PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

After I finished High School at the age of 18, I founded my own company "Veen Design Nijmegen". My web development career now officially started. I started to collaborate with another web developer, a skilled web designer (master in CSS and HTML). We created many websites together and decided to start a Content Management Platform Nouvé. The first version of Nouvé was written using PHP and Kohana. It was nice begin but far from perfect. It still involved a lot of work to create and style new websites using Nouvé. Soon the decision was made to create a new version Nouvé. This time ultra-fast, written in C++ and very modular. After many months of development we decided to stop our collaboration because of personal reasons.

But I got lucky very quickly, a week after I stopped working on Nouvé an old friend fixed me a job at Deskbookers, a cool start-up, a reservation system for flex workspaces, meeting rooms, etc. Deskbookers is very exciting to work for. Existing of a fun and skilled team, making a very cool platform, with flexible hours and a lot of freedom, a place to grow. This makes it a perfect part-time job for me, the student.

Besides school and work I also volunteer for ForceParty, a LAN-party in the Nijmegen area. ForceParty exists since 2003 and already organized 25 events. I joined in 2009 at the 15th event. I am a crew member for 10 events since then. My biggest job in ForceParty was making the website. But as an ultra-programming-nerd I tried to automate everything! Sometimes going a little too far. I will probably write more about this later.

An other thing to share with you, is that I have a very long distance relationship with an amazing girl from America (Ohio). It's hard to be so far apart so often. We see each other max twice a year, what is not enough! Meanwhile we Skype a lot :)

This was my brief introduction, more posts will follow soon!



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