By Leon van der Veen on Thursday February 12, 2015 9:01 pm

Deskbookers is selected to be accelerated in the Rockstart Web & Mobile Accelerator program. Together with 9 other cool startups we will learn how to make Deskbookers better, bigger and most importantly how to expand to the international market! All of this in just 150 days while being helped by 100+ mentors and the care of the Rockstart program.

During the program we learn how to run our company more efficient, more scalable and make our product as good as possible. Growth is the key word here. Rockstart will help us to make our ambition come true: to be the biggest in flex working.

By joining the program we will have to move the whole company to Amsterdam, one of the best startup hubs in Europe. We get office space from Rockstart in their cool inspiring building at the Herengracht, the heart of Amsterdam.

The other startups in the program this year will be:

  • Cocoon (Netherlands) is like Tinder for jobs: swipe potential candidates, get introduced, talk and set an informal meeting.
  • Klets (Netherlands) turns real-time chat into an inbound communication channel so that businesses can engage with customers in a highly accessible way.
  • KOLLEKT.FM (Netherlands) is a social music platform where people with similar tastes get connected and exchange music links.
  • Live On Demand (Netherlands) is a crowdfunding platform for live performance. Anyone can start and join campaigns for live performances of speakers, artists or musicians.
  • MarkO (Macedonia) is a smart to-do app that allows users to get task reminders at the right place and the right time.
  • Packpin (Lithuania) is a package tracking and upselling solution for e-commerce websites.
  • RutaPro (Chile) is a fleet management app that helps transportation companies to organize service routes, trace all services ever made and tracks fleets and personnel from a phone and tablet.
  • TabTrader (Russia) is a secure mobile trading platform for all major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Undeveloped (Netherlands) is a domain marketplace making domain trading open, transparent and accessible to all.

I'm really looking forward to learn from the best, work with great people on great products. All while living in the cool capital of the Netherlands. I and the rest of the team are thrilled to start this adventure! It will be hard work, short nights and a lot of tea (we don't really drink coffee), but it will be worth it!



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