Hello, I am Leon van der Veen, a student, software developer and computer nerd, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I am Leon, a Computer Science student at HAN: University of Applied Sciences (HAN) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I used to study Computer Science at the Radboud University (RU), but after four years of being halfly motivated I decided to switch schools. Even though the HAN is a lot easier, I learn more practical things at the HAN than at the RU. The classes at the RU were very theoretical, which doesn't work for this practical guy.

Besides a student I am also an employee and employer (to myself). In 2008 I founded "Veen Design Nijmegen", I make websites on a freelance base. Since November 2012 I also work part-time for Deskbookers as Software Developer, the biggest network of flex centers in The Netherlands. Since February 2015 I work for Deskbookers full-time at the new office relocated to Amsterdam.

I am not only interested in software science/development. I also listen a lot of music, check out my Last.fm profile for more info about my music taste. Another way to spend my free time is by gaming. How though I don't have much time to game lately, I am a crew member for a LAN-party: ForceParty.




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